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How do I stop missing wide open layups?

I have had a big history no matter what type of game it is that I will blow wide open layups and it’s really embarrassing. What do I do to fix this?

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Spit on hand

It grosses me out when players (most notably Curry) takes his mouth guard out in their hand. Would it be legal to spit in your hand (do it so the other player sees it) and touch the other player in an attempt to guard them?

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Drills For Skills, my new basketball drills page

Hey guys! My friend and I have created a new up-and-coming basketball page that’s main focus is to give you quick drills that we come up with in order to better your game. We are DFSbasketball, and we are small now, but have some cool things lined up soon that will help us grow. If you’re interested, check out our instagram page @dfsbasketball. Our youtube page is coming shortly, we just want to perfect making videos before we decide to do that. We are also searching for smaller companies that would be interested in joining together for sponsorships and/or promotions. We are fairly good with our content and you might be able to learn a thing or two by following our page. Keep up with our journey! Thank you guys

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How to: The 5 BEST Basketball Ball Handling Drills | MUST DO! (FOLLOW ALONG)

How to develop non dominant hand?

I am left handed and can finish well with my left hand but i can barely get the ball up with my right hand how can i practice if i cant even get the shot up

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Is I Love Basketball’s Elite Ball Handling Program Good?

I’m looking for a program to help my dribbling improve so I have less turnovers. I’ve been seeing this program in google searches and I’m wondering if it’s worth the money. I’m doing In The Labs YouTube series already and looking for a program now.

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Outside vs Inside

Ok so when I’m hooping at my house, I shoot and finish like 3000% better. I can shoot deep, finish through contact, shoot contested, and my post fade is much much better. Indoors, and even in most other outdoor courts, I miss a lot of wide threes and even middies, and I can’t finish unless I’m wide. His might have something to do with my hoop being slanted upwards??? What do I do???

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Need advice on basketball anxiety

Hey gang – in as few words as possible, here’s my issue: when I play basketball, for whatever reason, I don’t allow myself to play as well as I can. When I shoot, rather than following through and using regular form, my muscles tense up and my mind takes over, forcing me not to follow through like normal and miss. The same goes for dribbling. I believe this is comes from performance anxiety, but I don’t know how to get over it and just play the game. When I’m practicing or playing some half court games, I do just fine. As soon as I play 5 on 5 though, or any type of serious full court game, my talent takes a huge hit. All help would be appreciated, thank you.

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how did you guys fix knee pain???

did you rest, what kind of exercises did you do to fix it, what was the issue

god bless

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progressions and why they matter

we all want to just start by doing crossovers, and spin moves, and euro steps, but the thing about basketball is that it’s a marathon not a sprint, and it takes time.

if we start doing advanced moves like crossovers, we will lose the ball more and our technique will be poor, which is why i suggest using a progression.

handle progression:

Moving handles walking (upright)

Moving handles jogging (upright)

Moving handles sprinting (down low)

Hesi drive

Hesi cross


Triple threat progression:



Finishing progression:

Underhand overhand

Hook (Film to see if technique is correct)


Spin move

Post progression: (film along the way)

Jump hook

Jump hook with dribble

Spin/drop step

with these progressions remember to learn the proper technique and film and see if your doing it correctly, this is just an example and you can do your own. work hard and you for sure get better

god bless

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