NBA Draft: Each team’s greatest draft pick of all-time

NBA Draft

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

No matter how historically relevant they may be, each team has selected a player in the NBA Draft that came to be incredibly important to the franchise’s history.

The NBA Draft is a beautiful time for each of the 30 NBA teams. It gives them a chance to acquire young and talented prospects in the hope that they can turn into impact players down the line or maybe even as early as the coming year."}” data-ad-type=”connatix_inline_nba__desktop__tablet” data-ad-vendor=”connatix”/>

Front offices with a selection near the top of the draft are hoping for a little more than just a rotational piece, though. They want the best of the best, a franchise-altering talent capable of leading them to one if not multiple championships for years to come.

As we’ve seen in the past, it’s not always the guys drafted No. 1 in a given class that wind up making the most impact. Sometimes, it’s a player taken a little bit lower who inexplicably bursts onto the scene as the next big thing in the league.

Whether an NBA team has too many championships to count or has yet to reach even the conference finals, they’ve all been fortunate to have at least one player make a huge impact on the state of the franchise.

Some have brought more titles into the house while others have taken franchises to unexplored heights that may come to mean just as much. Yet all will be remembered throughout history for the greatness they exuded on the court for a franchise that just so happened to take a chance on them in the draft.