What do coaches look for in tryouts?

I got cut from my freshmen team and then made j.v. the next year with the same coach who cut me so I’ve been through this. Unless you completely stand out at tryouts by being way more skilled or more athletic than the other players than the best way to impress a coach is by defense, hustling, or showing you have a good basketball IQ.

Many of the players at tryouts will be at a similar skill level. So yes improve your skills now and that will definitely improve your chances to make the team but if theirs a lot of players that have similar skills to you their are a few things that coaches at tryouts love to see that’ll make you stand out no matter what your skills are.

The first I talked about is defense. Pretty simple work on your defensive slides and make an effort to focus on your defensive whenever you play from now on until tryouts. Practice guarding the best players on other teams and out tryouts always try to guard the best players. When you guard the best players coaches think you either are one of the best defenders, or your not afraid of anyone and like a challenge, even if you get scored it doesn’t look as bad because it’s better player than letting a scrub score on you.

The second thing I talked about is hustle. I cannot stress enough how much my freshmen coach cared about this. Whether it was getting back on defense or fighting for a rebound he loved players who hustled. Coaches want to coach players with heart and hustle a lot. The 2 best ways to show hustle and maybe the two best things you can do at tryouts are diving on a loose ball and taking a charge. Coaches love that. One loose ball dive and getting on the floor will instantly get a coaches attention. Coaches love taking charge shows heart, hustle, bravery, and basketball IQ.

For basketball IQ just show you know how to run the drills right pay attention and don’t mess them up, if you run any plays at practice make sure you know how to execute them correctly, make the right pass do not be a ball hog, and avoid making bad turnovers. Turnovers happened so don’t be afraid to make them occasionally trying to make a play but avoid them when possible. A few bad turnovers can look pretty bad.

Apologies for such a lengthy response I just have a lot of experience In this situation and thought I’d share everything I’ve learned.


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