progressions and why they matter

we all want to just start by doing crossovers, and spin moves, and euro steps, but the thing about basketball is that it’s a marathon not a sprint, and it takes time.

if we start doing advanced moves like crossovers, we will lose the ball more and our technique will be poor, which is why i suggest using a progression.

handle progression:

Moving handles walking (upright)

Moving handles jogging (upright)

Moving handles sprinting (down low)

Hesi drive

Hesi cross


Triple threat progression:



Finishing progression:

Underhand overhand

Hook (Film to see if technique is correct)


Spin move

Post progression: (film along the way)

Jump hook

Jump hook with dribble

Spin/drop step

with these progressions remember to learn the proper technique and film and see if your doing it correctly, this is just an example and you can do your own. work hard and you for sure get better

god bless


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