Ive been trying to get all egt programs forever, and i dont have enough money to do so. ive started to trade with others and so far i only have 3 egt programs:

EGT 2.0 EGTX 2.0 EGT Transform EGT KP Finish Over Anybody

Other programs I have are:

(Shot Mechanics) Automatic Shooting Level Elite Shooting System NBA Classified Shooting Game Speed Shooting Super Splash Scoring Pack

(Ilovebasketball TV) Cant Be Guarded Reloaded Conplete Vertical Jump Training System Gametime Handles Guard Focused Basketball Training System 3 in 5 Long Range Shooting Become An Athletic Freak Vol.3 Instant Shooter

(Adam Folker) Vert Shock QLM

(Other Programs) Steph Curry Masterclass Athlean X Muscle Building Program

Long story short, i want the following EGT programs:

Elite Jump Training 2.0 Elite Shooting Elite Scoring Elite Dribbling Elite Speed Training Elite Upper Body Training Advanced Point Guard Training PG21 PG IQ How To Beat Anybody Off The Dribble

Of you have any of the EGT programs listed above could you please trade with me.