10 things you may not know about Lou Williams

1. He was the last one picked on his AAU team when he started playing organized ball.

2. He has averaged way more points in his 30s than in his 20s.

3. He used to play pick-up games with rapper Bow Wow.

4. He once tweeted the man hasn’t been on the moon.

5. He has refused to stay in ‘haunted’ hotels.

6. Up to 70 guards made more money than him in the NBA in 2018-19.

7. He was really upset about the DeRozan-to-Spurs trade.

8. Drake mentions him in one of his songs. Focusing on that time he was dating two women at the same time.

9. He bought a meal for a man who was trying to rob him.

10. He thinks he belongs in the Hall of Fame.


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